Our ambition?

We are committed to meet your expectations as your needs with high standards guaranteeing a French-made by artisans recognized for their know-how and partners handpicked to offer you a high quality product.

Good to know: Our sunglasses are equipped with Lenses CRIDAL Eco Friendly (DALLOZ CREATIONS).

Our approach?

By opting for natural materials naturally beautiful as wood, buffalo horn, known and appreciated for the softness and silky texture, lightness and incomparable comfort, ORIGINeyes is part of an eco responsible approach to the service of our environment and your wellbeing.

Why ” naturally unique “?

The infinity of colour horn, various wood tones and its original grain, the diversity of python leather or lizard scales used to dress the branches of some models, make each frame, making you naturally unique.

Our proposal ?

You offer a real choice with an original and naturally identifiable collection. design side, Damien Fourgeaud, renowned designer, brings brand signature synonymous with elegance at once contemporary and timeless. Together we have developed 3 frames ranges as aesthetic and comfortable:

• Our collection “Horn eyeframes”

• Our collection “WoorN eyeframes” bringing wood for the front of the frame and horn for the nose support and the branches,

• Our collection “Limited Series” combines the horn to the front of the frame and leather to cover our branches titanium.

The bonus?

Because your glasses are not accessories like the others, they are a distinctive full, you can further customize by selecting the colour of your horse and your sunglasses, leather coat or colour titanium branches. You can also engrave your initials or other applicable option.

What makes us tick?

Whether you are “good in your glasses,” “well in your mount,” “well in your glasses!”

Feel free to send us your suggestions and comments using the form located in the “contact us” tab … and let yourself be surprised by discovering the complete collection ORIGINeyes!